Cleopix is a new screenshot app available for Ubuntu users to install from the Ubuntu Software Center.

But is it any good? We take a look…

Screenshot tools

Over the last few years we’ve reviewed many apps that let you take screenshots in Ubuntu – Shutter, LookitScreencloudMinus being just four.

Although none of these are actually necessary – Ubuntu provides a screenshot tool ‘out of the box’ – they offer advanced features that the default tool doesn’t.

LookIt has Unity integration; Shutter provides various snapshot types as well as an image editor for annotation snaps; whilst both Minus and Screencloud instantly upload their screenshots to the cloud for sharing.


Cleopix takes a more ‘basic’ approach to screenshot taking, offering a simple three button interface as a front to the same ‘gnome-screenshot’ utility used by Ubuntu’s default app.

There’s no Unity integration or app-indicator support. In fact there aren’t even any Preferences or Options that allow you to  assign a keyboard shortcut to “trigger” the app in the way that “print screen” works.

The app is purely a functional ‘open, select, save’ style tool.

But none of this is a necessarily a drawback.

For someone who just wants to snap, save and be done Cleopix could be perfect.

But for power users Cleopix offers nothing that the default tool, or rivals, doesn’t.


Cleopix is available to install in Ubuntu 12.04 through the Ubuntu Software Center.

Install Cleopix in Ubuntu



Basic: Ideal for those who just want to ‘snap and be done’, but power users will find it lacking.

3 out of 5
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