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Firefox 4 App Tabs

Firefox 4 released today; it’s faster & feature rich – is it enough to compete with Chrome?

Today marks the release of Mozilla's long awaited Firefox 4. This new version of Firefox boasts that it's faster and simpler to use, as well as introducing a few new features, most notably, Firefox Sync. But is it good enough to compete with Google Chrome?

22 March 2011
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Review: Guayadeque 0.2.9 – the lightweight music app

In this guest post, Alejandro Tamalet shares his thoughts on lightweight music application Guayadeque.

18 March 2011
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Ubuntu Pocket Reference app for Android

Being an avid user of Android I'm always on the hunt for Ubuntu related apps on the Market place. A few days ago I came across 'Ubuntu pocket reference' - a free application for Android that claims to list 'the most popular and most useful Ubuntu/Linux commands.'

21 February 2011
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Hands on Preview of Unigine’s Upcoming RTS Game ‘Oil Rush’

The folks over at Unigine sent me over a sneak preview for their upcoming game Oil Rush, based on their new next-generation multi platform Unigine engine. The game is a self-described naval real-time-strategy with stunning graphics and an interesting take on the original RTS feel with the majority of gameplay taking place over water.

8 February 2011

GUVCviewer: Finally Webcam Recording Made Easy

For almost two years my primary recording device for YouTube videos has been with not a fancy camcorder, but a webcam. So believe me when I tell you that I've tried a lot of different applications on different operating systems to get the most from my camera, both proprietary and open source. Out of everything I have tried, GUVCviewer packs the best blend of performance and features.

7 February 2011

Canonical’s New Year gift!

Chinese communities worldwide began a new year on February 3rd. With 15 days of cultural celebrations rolling , Canonical decided to kick-start the party with a gift of its own.

4 February 2011
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CodeWeavers unleashes new Windows Impersonator

CrossOver Impersonator, a Windows emulator, promises high performance for Unix/Linux systems. With Wine 1.3.9 under the hood, it raises the question: what differentiates this Wine based program from any other? We ordered a copy to find out.

29 January 2011
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Moovida Core media player coming to Linux ‘real soon’ – but is the 3D interface?

We once labeled it no more than 'Banshee with ads', but Moovida core media player has really come on in leaps and bounds since then. Albeit for Windows. So just where is the Linux port at? We find out...

14 January 2011
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MoonOS 4 lands with big changes to filesystem, apps and more

MoonOS 4 has swung into view and what a change it brings. Simplifed file system, new theme, standalone applications, a bevy of great apps installed by default... Read on for more information and the all important download link.

5 January 2011
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Hands on with the CR-48

Well I've been spending the last couple hours getting acquainted with my CR-48, and it's definitely been a fun experience. I was extremely excited as I dug into the box with the cutesy illustration of a rocket powered mouse wheel to get at the computer.

17 December 2010

OMG Video Review: Kazam Screen Recorder Tool

Unlike most screen recording programs for Linux, Kazam is powerful in its editing/exporting options (in a clean, nice graphical user interface), works with a standard, easy-to-edit format, but it is not without it's downsides.

11 December 2010
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Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal Alpha 1 released

The first alpha of the Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal development cycle has been released.

2 December 2010