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Reviews of popular Linux software, games and services.

Ubuntu 14.04 Beta Downloads Go Live — This Is What’s New

Ubuntu remains the most popular Linux distribution available, and if this latest beta is anything to go by, it's clear to see why.

27 March 2014

Stunning Space Strategy ‘Solar Flux’ Lands On Linux

Light years ahead of the competition is Solar Flux – one of finest physics-based puzzle games I've played in a long time, now on Linux.

7 January 2014

Hands On with the ZaReason Zeto Compact Gaming PC

We go hands on with ZaReason's latest gaming rig for space-conscious Linux gamers.

30 December 2013

Beginner-Friendly Book ‘Instant Ubuntu’ Review

With 13.10 hot off the presses, you might be hankering to show some friends what they're missing out on, and Instant Ubuntu is exactly what it says on the tin: a fast introduction to Ubuntu.

23 October 2013

Ubuntu for Phones Goes Stable – Offers A Beautiful, If Basic, Phone Experience

Ten months on from its initial reveal to the world, the first stable version of Ubuntu Touch for phones has been released for "developers and industry partners".

17 October 2013

We Review Indie Game Fez on Linux – Is It Worth The Hype?

Whether you’re looking for laid back platforming or artistic verve, indie title FEZ is bound to gain new fans in its Linux debut. Playing as an unidentifiable creature named Gomez, your goal is to find […]

16 September 2013

‘Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs’ Linux Review

From the makers of Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Dear Esther comes the next title in the Amnesia series: A Machine for Pigs.

9 September 2013

Humble Double Fine Bundle Mega-Review

Still unsure whether Double Fine’s Humble Bundle is worth the money and bandwidth? With only six days left to claim your copies, we go hands-on with every game to help you decide…

15 May 2013

‘Copy’ – New Cloud Storage Service With Apt Name, Linux Client

Copy, a relatively new entry into the 'cloud storage' service arena - but is it any good? We give it a quick glance over...

1 April 2013

‘War In a Box: Paper Tanks’ – Tank-Destroying, Pellet-Blasting Fun for Ubuntu

Take a typical tower defence format, throw in some home-made visuals, and add a bevvy of BB pellets. What do you get? You get a stonker of a game, that’s what! Meet War in a Box: […]

22 March 2013

Adventures in Magical Realism: Kentucky Route Zero Act I [Review]

Two years after a successful Kickstarter campaign, indie developers Cardboard Computer offer a magical realist journey in Kentucky Route Zero.

27 February 2013

Is ‘Strange Masks’ The Strangest Game On Ubuntu? [Review]

Behind the simplistic-seeming game-play and cutesy 2D graphics lays a game mechanic packed with enough fraught potential to put your PC's well-being in jeopardy from a flailing frustrated fist...

11 February 2013