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Bodhi Linux may just be your favorite new lightweight distro

Bodhi Linux may just be the Crocodile of distro spins: Very green, really quite snappy and more powerful than you'd think at first glance...

26 November 2010
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Taking a look at Canonical’s Ubuntu system management service, Landscape

Canonical Landscape is a service designed to simplify management of many Ubuntu installations, be they physical computers (usually servers) or cloud based. It's aimed at commercial deployment where system administrators need to keep an eye on dozens, if not hundreds of installations - keeping them all running smoothly, bug free, cool and up to date.

10 October 2010
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Hotot: The hottest new Twitter app for Linux

Everyone's talking about Hotot - a new twitter application for Linux that marries the useful and the unique into one slick package.

24 September 2010
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PiTiVi + video effects = utter magic

Video effects in PiTiVi have edged one -step closer to release with the merging of developer Thibault Saunier's Google Summer of Code effects work now in PiTiVi's master branch. OpenShot finally got competition.

23 September 2010
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Apple’s multi-touch Magic Trackpad tested in Ubuntu 10.10

I got my hands on Apple's new cool peripheral that everyone is talking about, the Magic Trackpad. When it was first released, a lot of people said that this was the beginning of the end of the humble and trusty mouse. I'm not entirely convinced that the magic trackpad spells the end, but this idea of bringing laptop multitouch to the desktop is certainly is an interesting concept...

22 September 2010
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Uniteee: 7 days with Ubuntu Unity on a 7” screen

If you’re not already aware of Ubuntu 10.10’s new netbook interface, called ‘Unity’, then I would sincerely ask you to point to the rock under which you have been living. The sexy, stylish and visually […]

17 September 2010
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Linux Movie players: VLC Vs Totem Vs Parole

VLC may the king of features, but is it the king of performance?

9 September 2010
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Ubuntu 10.10 Beta Released

A lot has changed in Ubuntu 10.10 since last months Alpha 3 release, and when I say ‘a lot’ i really mean a lot. Download links can be found at the bottom of this post, […]

2 September 2010
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Installing Picasa 3.8 in Ubuntu via WINE: What works, what doesn’t.

Google Picasa 3.8 was released yesterday to much online fanfare. A bunch of neat new features landed including: – Edit photos in Picnik directly from Picasa 3.8 Batch upload Photo properties and the show stealing […]

18 August 2010
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Midori 0.2.7 Benchmarked

Earlier today we reported on the release of Midori 0.2.7 but aside from new features and extensions has the lightweight browser gotten any faster? Sunspider It should be noted that the SunSpider benchmarks only measure […]

17 August 2010
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My Ubuntu stickers arrive (photos!)

A few days ago my new Ubuntu stickers arrived. I promptly started plastering them over all of my Ubuntu related things (and even non-Ubuntu related things) and they look fantastic! Here are some cool photos […]

15 August 2010
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A beginners tour of Shotwell – Ubuntu’s new photo manager

Ubuntu 10.10 will see the much-derided F-Spot pushed out of the frame in favour of the lighter, leaner Yorba-developed photo manager/editor app going by the name of ‘Shotwell‘. Whilst we’ve featured Shotwell many times on […]

10 August 2010