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Reviews of popular Linux software, games and services.

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We Review Open-Source RTS Game 0 A.D.

0.A.D is a completely open-source RTS available for Linux, Mac and Windows. The game, which is in heavy development, currently sits at the Alpha 8 junction. Undeterred by the development nature I took the title for a spin...

29 January 2012
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The Ubuntu Vodafone WebBook “Disappoints” Reviewer

The Ubuntu-powered Vodafone WebBook has been out in South Africa for a few months but little opinion on the device has appeared online. Or so I thought. Having exhausted my own avenues trying to get hold […]

30 December 2011
Ryzom: The Science-Fantasy MMORPG

Taking a Glance at Ryzom the Science-Fantasy MMORPG

Although Ryzom has had a native Linux client for over a year now the game hasn’t gained much respect from Ubuntu gamers and with all honesty that is no reflection on the quality of this […]

14 December 2011

MemoryOwl HD – A Memory Game That’s Better Than Those You Remember

Being the owner of a pretty poor short-term memory I wasn't too excited to see a game called 'Memory Owl' land in my review queue. But after playing it for a while I have to say: Memory Owl HD is pretty damn memorable for a number of reasons.

9 December 2011

Ubuntu 12.04 Alpha 1 Released

The first alpha release in the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS release cycle is now available for download. Installing the Alpha release is not recommended due to its early yet rapid developmental stage. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is scheduled for release in April 26th 2012.

1 December 2011
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Desura’s Gem: It’s Like Steam Lite

Recently, the fine folk here at OMG! Ubuntu! shared the news that Desura had been released for Linux. The gamer in me squeed with joy at the news. The adult in me bemoaned the lack of […]

23 November 2011
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Linux Mint 12 RC: The Greatest Hits

First off, let me say that I am a guest poster and my opinions do not represent those of Ohso or any others writers here at OMG! Ubuntu! With all the Unity less-than-loving going around […]

15 November 2011

Ubuntu 11.10 Released – See What’s New

After 6 months in the making the latest release of Ubuntu - version 11.10 - is now available to download. Sporting a retuned Unity interface, new and improved features, and even some new applications Ubuntu 11.10 certainly promises a lot - but does it live up to the hype?

13 October 2011

Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 2 Released, Reviewed

The second beta release of Ubuntu 11.10 has been made available for download.

22 September 2011
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Ubuntu 11.10 Beta Released, Reviewed

The first beta release of Ubuntu 11.10 has been made available for download - but what can you expect to find?

1 September 2011
Samsung Series 5 Chromebook with Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS hands on; we review Samsung’s first Chromebook

It's not often that a laptop fills a particular purpose gracefully, and Samsung's first laptop running Google's new Chrome OS does a pretty good job. However before you read on, you should first set your expectations. Laptops running Chrome OS, or Chromebooks as they've come to be known, aren't designed to replace your main laptop or desktop computer. They're not targeted at people who want to do everything and anything with a personal computer. They're specifically designed for certain tasks, and they handle these very well, but sometimes you'll be left wondering why obvious features are missing.

15 July 2011
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Firefox 5 released; faster release cycle and fewer features

It was only a few weeks ago that Firefox 4 was finally released after a development cycle lasting over a year. While Firefox 4 added features and speed, Mozilla believe more should be done to keep up with Google's increasingly popular browser, Chrome.

22 June 2011