I am rubbish at racing games. Pole position in awfulness. I can just about manage a middling existence on Mario Kart, but that’s about it.

So quite how I came to not only be addicted to a proper sci-fi themed racing game, but actually become rather good at it, is still a mystery to me, but I did.

The game? CoreBreach.


CoreBreach is a modern entry to the anti-gravity racing game genre, one first popularised by 1995 Playstation classicWipE Out‘.

It’s to this title in particular that Corebreach owes a lot to. The game-play, layouts and features are all indebted to it for sure. But CoreBreach is able to do what a lot of “clone” style games can’t, and that’s carve out an identity of its own. From the gorgeous, rotoscope-esque graphics to the thumping 50 minute soundtrack – CoreBreach packs a lot of personality into its $6.99 price tag.


The game does lack an online multi-player feature, but this is a lot of ask of any game in this price range. High-scores are logged online (no account needed) which does add a degree of competitiveness, but for the most part CoreBreach is about your skill vs the computer AI.

Buy CoreBreach

CoreBreach is available to buy from the Ubuntu Software Center for $6.99 (actual price will vary depending on exchange rate). A limited demo is also available to download so you can try before you buy. Hitting the giant orange button below will take you where you need to go.

 Corebreach on the Ubuntu Software Center

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