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Linux music app ‘DeaDBeeF’ comes to Android – but is it any good?

Popular lightweight music player 'DeaDBeeF' recently launched an Android version. Is it much cop? I find out...

8 June 2011
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Linux Twitter app ‘Turpial’ adds image uploading, interface tweaks, more

It's been a wee while since we last heard a peep from desktop Twitter application 'Turpial', but a new release with some notable new changes has finally arrived.

3 June 2011

We review the System76 Serval Pro: Is it the best Ubuntu laptop ever?

Independent Ubuntu computer manufacturer System76 refreshed their popular 15.6" Serval Professional line earlier this year, upgrading the laptop with an impressively fast second gen Intel Sandy Bridge i7 quad core processor, powerful Nvidia graphics, a lovely 1080p display and lots of options for optical drives and storage. On the outside this model sports a refreshed chiclet-style keyboard, a larger multitouch trackpad, improved aesthetics, and a soft rubber finish. The result is a ridiculously powerful and good looking desktop replacement from System76, and in the base configuration starting at $1,369 USD, competitively priced against other similarly spec'd computers including the latest MacBook Pro.

2 June 2011

UMPlayer Media Player – One Of Open-Source’s Best kept Secrets

UMPlayer is one of open-sources best kept secrets. In this post we take a look at the media player, plus provide easy instructions on how to install it.

1 June 2011
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Elementary music player ‘Beatbox’ adds PPA

If you've been dying to get your hands on a development release of the elementary projects' new music player 'BeatBox' then you're in luck - it now has its own development PPA for intrepid testers to try it out from.

22 May 2011
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Midori 0.3.6 brings welcome fixes, small speed bump

Lightweight webkit web browser Midori got a minor version bump yesterday - but what's new and what's improved?

18 May 2011
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Steel Storm Episode 2 hits the Software Center, we go hands on with the top-down shooter

Steel Storm Episode 2: Burning Retribution hit the Ubuntu Software Center For Purchase section today and I gave it a bit of a whirl. The original Steel Storm game released last year by indie developers Kot-in-Action had positive reviews, with a distinguishable style, fun and familiar gameplay and lovely artwork and textures that made for a pleasant experience. So what's Episode 2 like?

12 May 2011
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Lubuntu 11.04 released; project on the way to official Ubuntu spin status

Lubuntu 11.04 - the latest version of lightweight, LXDE based Ubuntu derivative - has been released.

29 April 2011
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A quick play with the new look Ubuntu Tweak

I take a pre-beta play with Ubuntu Tweak 0.6

14 April 2011
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Elementary OS ‘Jupiter’ released, reviewed

After what seems like an eternity of waiting, reading (and, for some of us, hyping) the first release of the elementary project's very own operating system is finally available to download.

31 March 2011

Ubuntu 11.04 Beta Released

The first beta release of Ubuntu 11.04 is available to download and test.

31 March 2011
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Neat video review of OMG! Words! – the free game from OMG! Ubuntu!

Browsing around YouTube I also came across this pretty neat video review of the game by YouTube Ubuntu-er darockero11 that does an excellent job of showing off how the games works and just how addictive it can be...

28 March 2011