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Have You Upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS? (Poll)

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS came out to the world yesterday — but do you plan to upgrade?

18 April 2014

Should Unity Bring Back ‘Minimize on Click’ Feature?

Of all the contentious UI changes to feature in Unity – from auto-hiding menus and immovable launcher position – one stirs up more passion than any other: the inability to minimise applications by clicking on an app icon.

4 February 2014

Have You Upgraded to Ubuntu 13.10 Yet?

Do you plan to upgrade to Ubuntu 13.10? Or are you happy using an older version? We want to know - click through to vote in our poll.

18 October 2013

Do You Think The Ubuntu Edge Campaign Will Reach Its Goal? [Poll]

Do you think the Ubuntu Edge will be rolling off the production line in May 2014? Or do you think this entire effort will result in nothing?

10 August 2013

Ubuntu 13.10 Code Name Revealed

The codename for the Ubuntu 13.10 development cycle has been unveiled - and it's a little bit saucy...

25 April 2013

Ubuntu Community Survey Needs Your Help

Got a spare 3 minutes? Why not be a helpful so-and-so and take part in this bi-annual Ubuntu Community Survey?

21 April 2013

Almost Half Of Users Have Already Upgraded to Ubuntu 12.10

Almost 50% of OMG! Ubuntu! readers have already upgraded to Ubuntu 12.10 - are you one of them?

2 November 2012

Have You Upgraded to 12.10 Yet?

Ubuntu 12.10 was released last Thursday, bringing with it some new enticing new features to play with. Many readers spent their weekend upgrading to 12.10 - but were you one of them?

23 October 2012
New Session Indicator in Ubuntu 12.10

Will You Be Trying Out Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 2?

A new beta release of Ubuntu 12.10 was released yesterday with a host of nifty new features, bug fixes and general improvements. But do you plan on using it?

27 September 2012
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Ubuntu 12.10 May Ship With Older, But More Featured, Nautilus

Over in the development land of Ubuntu 12.10, a new version of the 'new Nautilus' has landed - bringing with it yet another feature removal. And so the question that is now being asked by developers and users alike is: Should Ubuntu revert to an older version of Nautilus to keep this feature, and the many others hacked out?

8 August 2012
new-nautilus in Ubuntu 12.10

Is The New Nautilus A Step In The Right Direction? [Poll]

Is Nautilus being steered in the right direction, one with simplicity and a focus on core features as its destination? Or are GNOME developers driving the trusty file manager off the edge of a cliff with uncessary changes and feature removals? Share your opinion on our poll.

30 July 2012

How Well Did Your Ubuntu 12.04 Upgrade Go? [Poll]

You've had several weeks to settle in to your Ubuntu installs so it's time to ask those of you who performed a direct upgrade (either from Ubuntu 11.10 or Ubuntu 10.04): 'How will did it go?' My own experience of an LTS-to-LTS upgrade went incredibly well, but one users' take on it does not a picture paint. I want to know how well your upgrades went. Jump on the 'Read More' link to register your vote.

12 May 2012