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Should Ubuntu Phone Ditch Debian for Android?

Former Canonical employee Jono Bacon has suggested that Ubuntu Phone should ditch Debian for Android — but do you agree?

19 June 2015
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Will You Upgrade to Ubuntu 15.04? [Poll]

Ubuntu 15.05 Vivid Vervet has now been released — but are you planing to upgrade your laptop or PC with it? That's what we're asking in this poll.

24 April 2015

Have You Upgraded to Ubuntu 14.10 ‘Utopic Unicorn’? (Poll)

The final stable release of Ubuntu 14.10 is now available — but do you plan to upgrade? That's the question we're asking in this poll.

24 October 2014

Ten Years of Ubuntu — User Survey

Later this month Ubuntu will celebrate its 10th birthday, and to mark the occasion we're looking to find out more about what you think of it.

12 October 2014
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Do You Still Dual Boot Ubuntu With Windows For Gaming?

Linux Gamers used to dual boot with Windows to play the latest and greatest games. Has the arrival of Steam for Linux changed this? Tell us!

7 September 2014

Have You Upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS? (Poll)

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS came out to the world yesterday — but do you plan to upgrade?

18 April 2014

Should Unity Bring Back ‘Minimize on Click’ Feature?

Of all the contentious UI changes to feature in Unity – from auto-hiding menus and immovable launcher position – one stirs up more passion than any other: the inability to minimise applications by clicking on an app icon.

4 February 2014

Have You Upgraded to Ubuntu 13.10 Yet?

Do you plan to upgrade to Ubuntu 13.10? Or are you happy using an older version? We want to know - click through to vote in our poll.

18 October 2013

Do You Think The Ubuntu Edge Campaign Will Reach Its Goal? [Poll]

Do you think the Ubuntu Edge will be rolling off the production line in May 2014? Or do you think this entire effort will result in nothing?

10 August 2013

Ubuntu 13.10 Code Name Revealed

The codename for the Ubuntu 13.10 development cycle has been unveiled - and it's a little bit saucy...

25 April 2013

Ubuntu Community Survey Needs Your Help

Got a spare 3 minutes? Why not be a helpful so-and-so and take part in this bi-annual Ubuntu Community Survey?

21 April 2013

Almost Half Of Users Have Already Upgraded to Ubuntu 12.10

Almost 50% of OMG! Ubuntu! readers have already upgraded to Ubuntu 12.10 - are you one of them?

2 November 2012