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Before Tux went fragging we’d mine for jewels

When compiling a list of some — and emphasis really does fall on ‘some’ — of the biggest Linux gaming news stories from the past few weeks I remembered an old phrase, one I don’t hear as much as I used to.

This surprised me. A year or two back it was a phrase synonymous with Linux gaming. You’d see it stated (usually with a hint of defensiveness) on forums, blogs and social media. Heck, you may have even uttered it yourself at one point!

What was this gem of a statement?

“I dual boot with Windows…but only for gaming!” – Linux Gamers, 2011

Humble Successes

Steam for Linux changed the rules
Steam for Linux changed the rules

Today, the successes of the Humble Bundle and Steam for Linux have weakened the ‘need’ to keep a pet Windows partition loitering around, while Linux graphics drivers have improved immeasurably.

Many new, top-tier games arrive with Linux support at launch, and games studios continue to work through their (expansive) back catalogs to bring retrospective ports of their most popular titles.

Such a big ground shift in such a short time. But has the earthquake left an indelible mark in the habits of users? How many Linux gamers still dual boot with Windows specifically for gaming, whether out of necessity or habit?

If only there was a way I could find ou… Oh, yeah! There is ;)


In the poll below you’ll find a set of fairly obvious answers to the question posed above. Don’t feel like you need to lie; there’s no shame or denigration to be had in using what suits your needs. The more accurate a picture that can be painted from the results, the better.

Is there a game you still dual boot for? When did you manage to go Linux-only for your gaming needs? Share your experiences, thoughts and take in the comments below.

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