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Ubuntu 12.10 May Ship With Older, But More Featured, Nautilus

Over in the development land of Ubuntu 12.10, a new version of the 'new Nautilus' has landed - bringing with it yet another feature removal. And so the question that is now being asked by developers and users alike is: Should Ubuntu revert to an older version of Nautilus to keep this feature, and the many others hacked out?

8 August 2012
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Is The New Nautilus A Step In The Right Direction? [Poll]

Is Nautilus being steered in the right direction, one with simplicity and a focus on core features as its destination? Or are GNOME developers driving the trusty file manager off the edge of a cliff with uncessary changes and feature removals? Share your opinion on our poll.

30 July 2012

How Well Did Your Ubuntu 12.04 Upgrade Go? [Poll]

You've had several weeks to settle in to your Ubuntu installs so it's time to ask those of you who performed a direct upgrade (either from Ubuntu 11.10 or Ubuntu 10.04): 'How will did it go?' My own experience of an LTS-to-LTS upgrade went incredibly well, but one users' take on it does not a picture paint. I want to know how well your upgrades went. Jump on the 'Read More' link to register your vote.

12 May 2012

Have You Upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04? [Poll]

Ubuntu 12.04 was released almost 24 hours ago - but have you upgraded already?

27 April 2012
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Have You Taken The Ubuntu User Survey?

Assumptions about Ubuntu users and their preferences are made on a daily basis. From “They hate Unity” to “No-one wants to use Ubuntu TV.” But with the launch of the Ubuntu User survey you can […]

11 March 2012
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Help Ubuntu Decide Multi-Monitor Launcher Use in 12.04

You can help the Ubuntu design team decide on multi-monitor launcher usage by voting on the poll inside.

8 March 2012

Chromium or Google Chrome: Which Do You Use? [Poll]

Reader David G mailed in to see we'd be interested in running a poll to see which 'brand' of Chrome Linux users prefer to use - either Google's Flash-plugin packing Google Chrome or the open-source, ready-in-the-repos Chromium. Given that our visitor stats don't distinguish between Chromium (both are grouped together as 'Chrome')I thought this would, indeed, be rather interesting to see. So, Sunday poll time: Do you use Chromium or Google Chrome? Let us know by voting in the poll inside.

26 February 2012
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Poll Result: 15,900 votes Cast; Unity Named Most Popular Desktop

Unity is the most used Desktop Environment amongst Ubuntu 11.10 users according to our most recent poll. Just shy of 16,000 votes were cast (one vote per person) in the poll which asked readers "Which Desktop Environment Are You Using in Ubuntu 11.10?"

20 November 2011
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Which Desktop Environment Do You Use in Ubuntu 11.10? [Poll]

Roll up, roll up: it’s poll time! This week’s poll question comes by courtesy of reader ‘Andy’, who’s interested to know how many Ubuntu 11.10 users are using Unity and how many are using GNOME […]

13 November 2011

How Well Did Your Ubuntu 11.10 Upgrade Go?

Ubuntu 11.10 has been out for little while now, so chances are many of you have upgraded. If you choose to upgrade via Update Manager (that is you saw the prompt below and clicked ‘Yes, […]

23 October 2011
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Have You Upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10?

Okay, so Ubuntu 11.10 is barely hot off the servers but the question needs to be asked: have you already upgraded? Do you plan to do so shortly? Perhaps you've decided to stick with the 10.04 LTS release or your finely tuned Ubuntu 11.04 set-up. Either way cast your vote in the poll inside and let the world know...

14 October 2011
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Does ‘The GIMP’ Need A New Name?

This week saw the release of GIMP 2.7.3, complete with a working single window mode. With GIMP back in the spotlight, I came across a blog post by Nick Ali in which he suggests 'The GIMP' should be given new name. Do you agree?

24 August 2011