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The size of the Ubuntu 11.10 CD gets debated

The Ubuntu Developer Summit once again played home to discussion of whether Ubuntu should move from a 700MB sized CD ISO to something larger and more accommodating of growing package requirements.

9 May 2011
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[Poll] If we switched to Livefyre for comments…

We know that our comments section and the OMG! community is extremely active, you guys love having your say and voicing an opinion and there has been some completely awesome discussions take place in the comments down there.

3 May 2011

Help improve OMG! Ubuntu! by filling out this short survey

We've been working hard over the past month or so trying to improve the OMG! Ubuntu! experience for you guys, our faithful readers. It's all about making the experience the best we can for you, so if you can spare 20 minutes or so, we'd really appreciate your help in filling out this survey.

23 March 2011

Project Bossanova unveils new website, FAQ and poll

Project Bossanova yesterday unveiled a new website, along with more information about the project and a poll where users can vote on the genre of game they'd like to see the project focus on.

28 February 2011
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Ubuntu Server Survey 2011

If in the passed week you took a swing by the official Ubuntu website, you will have noticed a new headline post replacing the previous Maverick ad. In an effort to improve future releases of Ubuntu server edition, Canonical is, for the third year in a row, asking users how they are using it and in what environment.

19 January 2011
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Poll: Which of these five games would you want multi-touch support for?

We previously asked you which games Ubuntu developers should focus on in adding multi-touch support for. The 5 most voted games from that post have now been arranged into a poll to see which game is truly your most desired multi-touch wannabe.

28 November 2010
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Which game should get multitouch support first?

The Ubuntu Multitouch Development team has called for feedback on which games must be focused to add multitouch capabilities in this cycle. Here is your chance to vote for your favourite game.

25 November 2010
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What e-mail app do you use? [poll]

Anyone who has tried Ubuntu will have surely come across the default mail application 'Evolution'. It's a powerful e-mail tool with an impressive set of features that more than rival commercial alternatives on other platforms. But what do you use?

16 November 2010
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Which would you choose as default: Banshee or Rhythmbox? [Poll]

With Ubuntu 11.04 switching to a combined Netbook and Desktop image only one music player can takes its place on default. The formal decision is due tomorrow but before then why not have some fun and let everyone know which player -you- would make default.

28 October 2010
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Sent from Ubuntu signature to be added to Evolution [Poll]

A case is being made for ‘Sent from Ubuntu’ signature to be appended to all mail sent from Ubuntu’s desktop e-mail application ‘Evolution’. What do you think? Poll and more information after the break.

19 September 2010
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What architecture is your Ubuntu? [Poll]

Are you a traditional 32 bit user or have you ventured out on a limb and installed 64 bit Ubuntu to make the most of your hardware?

12 September 2010
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Choose the new CoverGloobus Icon [poll]

Jordi Hernàndez – creator of CoverGloobus (and dude with exceptionally good taste in music) – has opened the voting on the choice of new icon for the desktop music art application. We blogged about the […]

8 September 2010