Have you seen this monkey?

Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet has now been released  — but do you plan to upgrade your laptop or desktop PC with it? 

As the latest ‘regular’ release from Canonical the Vivid Vervet is backed by nine months of on-going support, critical security patches, stability fixes and key app updates.

(This truncated support period also means that Linux distributions based off of 15.04 also only get 9 months of critical updates, too. Something to bear in mind.)

‘Vacant Vervet’ — Worth the hassle?

As we noted in our Ubuntu 15.04 review there are only minor changes on offer. And though these changes are welcome — the Unity desktop has never felt so stable — they’re aren’t exactly magnetic in pull.

If you value stability and dependability over a few new features you may prefer to stick with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, supported until 2018.

And since many of the Unity improvements and developer options that debut with 15.04 are due to be back ported to Trusty too, you essentially get the best of both.

Will You Upgrade?


We want to know what your plans are.

Have you already upgraded to 15.04? Are you undecided? Or are you content sticking with the trusty ol’ Ubuntu 14.04 LTS?  

Regardless of your thinking let us know know by voting in the poll below. Why? ‘Cos we’re nosey.

Note: the poll is asking a specific question relating to Ubuntu. It is not asking whether you like Unity, whether Linux Mint handles bluetooth better or you had for dinner last night. The options presented are the ones to vote on.

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