Ubuntu 14.04 LTS came out to the world yesterday — but do you plan to upgrade?

As the latest Long Term Support offering from Canonical the Trusty Tahr becomes the de-facto recommended release for new users, but those of you already running Ubuntu may be unsure of whether to make the leap.

As we highlighted in our review, there are enough new features, updated apps and leaps in performance and user experience to make it worth jumping on.

But our assumption doesn’t matter a jot; we want to know what you think of it. Have you already upgraded? Have you been running it since the first alpha? Planning to do a fresh install over the Easter weekend? Going to wait until the first point release in July?

Maybe you don’t plan on upgrading at all and are perfectly pleased with what you’re already running. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS still has three more years of critical updates and support left, so there is no desperate need to ditch it just yet.

So, whether you jumped on the release as soon as it hit the servers yesterday or literally find it to be the most pointless waste of time ever to straddle the fourth dimension, we want to know.

For the purposes of brevity, consider ‘upgrade’ to mean both direct upgrades from earlier releases, alpha/betas of 14.04 or fresh installations.

While it should go without saying, if you do not use Ubuntu, are waiting for new releases of elementary/Linux Mint you do not need to vote. 

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