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From our Facebook page to our Twitter account: it seems everyone has an opinion on whether Canonical’s audacious attempt to wrestle $32 million from the hands of tech enthusiasts will succeed.

The Ubuntu Edge campaign may be over $20 million short of reaching its required goal but, with 2 weeks left, and no doubt many more perks/offers to come, it’s not entirely out for the count quite yet.

At this halfway point we thought we’d grab a litmus: do you think the Ubuntu Edge will be rolling off the production line in 9 months’ time? Or do you think this entire effort will, attention aside, result in nothing?

Perhaps you’re incredibly torn either way?

Whatever your opinion is at this junction we want to know (we’re nosey, don’t hate us!)

Below is a poll for you to register your vote, and below that is a comment section where you can explain why you think it will or won’t be meeting its multi-million-dollar milestone…

Poll Ubuntu Edge