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Yo, Banshee – native it up a bit, yeah?

Banshee will be sat on millions of Ubuntu desktops next april as Ubuntu 11.04's default music player - but some users think it could do with looking a little bit more native.

5 December 2010
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Longhorn Linux Transformation pack

Mac OS X transformation pack, Windows XP transformations packs, Windows 7 transformation packs and I'm pretty sure there's a BeOS transformation pack floating around somewhere, too - but what about the OS that never was: Windows Longhorn?

2 December 2010
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One Window Empathy: Boy would it simplify my life

When using my netbook I loathe having to use Empathy - or any instant messenger for that matter. But why?

1 December 2010
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Evolution evolved [mock-ups]

Evolution is a little bit staid in the UI department - but don't fix what isn't broken right?

25 November 2010
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Indicator-headphones: making sound schemes symbolic

The following idea on creating an  by Daniel Planas was posted to the Ayatana mailing list. I think it’s quite a novel idea so thought I’d share it here. Calling for ‘intelligent indicators’ Daniel’s idea […]

12 November 2010
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Help Shotwell to help you

With photo manager Shotwell 0.8 adding video downloading/reading support many of us are going to find our lives made that little bit easier. Yorba‘s Adam Dingle posted the following call for testing on the Shotwell […]

11 November 2010
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Help Add missing screenshots to the Ubuntu Software Centre

Fed up of browsing the Software Centre in Ubuntu only to come across a neat-sounding application that lacks a screenshot? Here's how to help out!

10 November 2010
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Unity workspace mock-up; 4 workspace limit in Ubuntu 11.04

Mark Shuttleworth recently responded to a Unity workspace mock-up the Ayatana Mailing List and revealed some interesting features of Ubuntu 11.04 Natty...

30 October 2010
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Mock-up: intelligent, ambient Boot Splash

Reader Cullum Saunders pinged us with an interesting concept for an intelligent, friendly ambient boot screen, which he demoes in the video below. “It’s based on two ideas. The design teams idea for a wallpaper […]

30 October 2010
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Mock-up of Unity with widgets

Widgets on the desktop; some people can be quite snooty about them but there is a reason they are available by default on two of the most popular Operating Systems. ~Musl1m on DevinatArt thinks Unity has an opportunity there and has mocked up the following example of what Widgets on Unity could look like.

29 October 2010
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Change your Facebook login background with this Chrome/ium extension

Avid Facebook users bored of the dreary login screen can now customize it with an image of their choosing using the Chrome/ium extension ‘Facebook Refresh’.

19 October 2010
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Begin your countdown to Natty with this ‘Avenging Narwhal’ play set…

Now that the Maverick Meerkat has bandied on out into the real world it’s time for us here at OMG! towers (and likewise, many of you out there) to begin paying heed to Ubuntu’s next release - Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal.

10 October 2010