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A Beautiful New Banshee Beckons?

Since this is my first time writing for OMG! Ubuntu! I figured I would start by sharing a little something that excites me. Namely this mockup Mike Beecham presented in the #banshee IRC channel. Personally […]

22 August 2010
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Call for Mock-ups: OMG! User Awarding System needs a Trophy Viewer

OMG! OMG! OMG! We are close to releasing…. a beta. After porting the daemon to Mono with Chris Szikszoy (Docky fame) and with the support of David Siegel and Alex Launi (both from Do Fame […]

16 August 2010
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Ding, ding – Sound Applet mock-ups round II

Wyatt Kirby, whose sound applet mock-ups found favourable fandom both here and on Mark Shuttleworth’s blog, has put pixel to, er, palette and come up with a newly revised design. For those new to the whole ‘Sound […]

16 August 2010
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Stunning Ubuntu Tablet OS concept by Izo

Sometimes I see a mock-up that is so beautiful I want to rob a bank* and fund its development. Take this wonderful Ubuntu Tablet OS concept by the highly talented Ian Cylkowski, better known to […]

2 August 2010

New Ubuntu Software Center mock-up: All box, no content?

We’re big fans of the Ubuntu Software Centre and avidly follow its continued visual evolution. When a reader dropped by the OMG! Inbox to tip us off to ‘the most awesome software centre mock-ups you […]

21 July 2010
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What indicator applets were made for: Mock-up Power Manager Applet for Ubuntu

Power management in Ubuntu is a largely poor effort. As Ubuntu stretches it's leg in the field of mobile computing devices; users need a more coherent and accessible way to control power settings. Users currently need to use 3 (!) applets in-order to manage the oft-most power-related used features of screen brightness, CPU performance and battery life indication.

9 June 2010
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Ayatana and Single Click Navigation

Hey there readers. In case you weren’t aware, Ayatana has a mailing list through Launchpad to discuss the future of UI in Ubuntu. It is Ayatana that brought us the Notifications, the oft disputed window […]

16 May 2010

This Handy Kubuntu 10.04 Setup Guide Makes Life Easier

I know we neglect Kubuntu users around these parts but maybe here’s something that may help placate those of you who are of the K-persuasion. Samuel Sarette has written a  comprehensive guide to setting up […]

30 April 2010
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Esfera – gesture-based replacement for right-hand side window borders

Jack Wallen over on TechRepublic posted an interesting piece about a discussion that’s been buzzing on the Ayatana mailing-list over the last few days. It centers around an idea that, like other proposals we’ve featured […]

29 March 2010