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Would You Get an Ubuntu Tattoo Like This?

As the editor of an online Ubuntu website it'd be fair to surmise that i'm fairly committed to the Ubuntu project. But committed enough to get the Ubuntu logo tattooed on to my arm?

21 October 2011

10 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 11.10

So you've downloaded or upgraded to the latest release of Ubuntu, the 'orsome Oneiric Ocelot, but what now? Here is a list of 10 post-install tips/ideas to make your first encounter with the Oneiric Ocelot more of a stroll in the park than a walk on the wild side...

13 October 2011
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HTML5 ‘Ribbon’ Interface for Web Apps In The Works

The 'Ribbon' interface Microsoft introduced with Office 2007 provided an innovative approach to the use and layout of toolbars in applications. Following the release, OpenOffice toyed with the idea of creating a similar 'tabbed toolbar' concept for use with its own office suite. Whilst the mock-ups and discussions never bore much in the way of fruit for OpenOffice the idea of a 'ribbon' for use in open-sources apps hasn't been abandoned.

13 September 2011
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Witty New Logo Proposed for Linux 3.1

To mark the upcoming release of the Linux 3.1 kernel IBM's Darrick Wong has proposed changing the Linux logo to something more befitting of the version number...

11 September 2011
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[Ubuntu In the Wild] Knitted Ubuntu Hat

Let it be know that Icelandic reader Gudmundur has one very awesome wife....

29 August 2011
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Ubuntu – As Recommended by the College of Charleston

Reader Grant sent in this nifty spot of Ubuntu 'at large'...

23 August 2011
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Grab A Cool Ubuntu 11.10 Countdown Banner For Your Website

You want to put a countdown to Ocelot on your website or blog, but you want to do it in style. I feel ya' ;) An anonymous shyster sent in a link to the following set of HTML countdown badges for Ubuntu 11.10 that, dare I use the word that people hate me saying, are a bit on the sexy side.

15 August 2011
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Help Choose A New Name For Linux Twitter App ‘Schizobird’

Promising new Twitter client 'Schizobird' is seeking a new name - and you can help.

27 July 2011
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Linux 4 Hope takes old computers, installs Ubuntu, gives them to people in need

Garron Haun wrote in to us yesterday to let us know about a project he founded called Linux 4 Hope which aims at rejuvenating donated computers by installing Ubuntu, and then giving them to people in need around his local community.

23 July 2011

This Neat Timelapse Video Was Made Using Open-Source Apps

Dudu M. mailed in to share a time-lapse video he created on Ubuntu using nothing but free open-source tools and a camera.

13 July 2011
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Wallpaper Contest For Ubuntu 11.10 Opened

The wallpaper contest for Ubuntu 11.10, which sees a number of user submitted wallpapers selected to ship on the Ubuntu CD, is now open for submissions.

8 July 2011
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GNOME Screencasts Episode 1: The Basics

Picking up where the great gtk+ kick-start tutorial by Alberto Ruiz ended Daniel Siegel decided to introduce a new way of teaching new comers how to develop your own GNOME apps. His new initiative will introduce screencasts that will teach you basics of the GNOME platform and language bindings such as python, JS, C, Vala, etc...

17 June 2011