Fed up of browsing the Software Centre in Ubuntu only to come across a neat-sounding application that lacks a screenshot? Here’s how to help out!


How to add screenshots for missing applications

Take some time to browser through the Ubuntu Software Centre or browse online @ You can also see GUI apps lacking screenshots online @:

Where you note a screenshot is missing decide if it’s something you could fix. If so head over to the Software Centre and install the application. Then proceed to take a screenshot per the guidelines below.

Guidelines are (copy and pasted from the above site): –

  • Screenshots are published under the terms of the packaged software itself.
  • Your screenshots must be in PNG format.
  • Due to legal reasons screenshots for non-free packages aren’t accecpted.
  • Images larger than 800×600 pixels will automatically be reduced to that size (retaining the aspect ratio of course). So if you like to control the exact result of what you upload then make sure your image size is no larger than that.
  • Your screenshot should contain a typical scene when working with it. When snapshotting a browser load the debian.org home page. A screenshot of a graphics program should have a drawing loaded. Of a game please make a screenshot while you are playing and not of the start screen.
  • You need not artificially switch off your window decorations.
  • Please set your language to english so that everybody understands it. If you don’t use english by default please start your application from a shell using after setting “export LANG=C”.
  • Please only take a screenshot of the respective application and not of your whole desktop (unless the screenshot is meant for a window manager).
  • Please use non-interlaced PNG images.

You can use you preferred screenshot-ing tool however we’re very big fans of Shutter around here.

Once taken Submit your snaps @ screenshots.ubuntu.com/upload

Getting prettier

On a screenshots.ubuntu.com related note the site is due to get a bit of a Ubuntu-flavoured visual overhaul at some point in the not-so distant future according to this bug (#673488).

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