With photo manager Shotwell 0.8 adding video downloading/reading support many of us are going to find our lives made that little bit easier.

Yorba‘s Adam Dingle posted the following call for testing on the Shotwell mailing list. Since I know this feature is a hotly anticipated one by many readers I thought I’d also mention it here in-case you want to help out in making Shotwell 0.8 be as awesome as it possibly can be.

"We’d like Shotwell to read date/time metadata from video files, just as it does for photo files: this will let it place imported videos into events. 

Unfortunately, our first experiments in reading video metadata have yielded inaccurate times for some cameras.  We’d now like to gather more information about whether we can get a reliable date and time from video files recorded by most cameras that people are using today.

If you have a camera which can record video and a few minutes to spare performing a simple experiment, you can help: see http://trac.yorba.org/wiki/VideoMetadata."

Be sure to pay attention to the wiki instructions so that your effort really pays off.

Thanks Vadim

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