Banshee will sit on millions of Ubuntu desktops next april as Ubuntu 11.04’s default music player. Some users already think the media app could do with gaining a slightly more integrated look before then…

User conorsulli created the following mock-up in hope of drawing peoples’ eyes to “…[this] inconsistency with Banshee. It doesn’t paint themes properly to the rest of my gnome desktop nor does it use the typical toolbars like most gnome apps such as Eye of GNOME, Rhythmbox and Abiword. It really is the open office of media players in my opinion – Versatile but poorly integrated!”

Personally I can’t say I’ve ever noticed Banshee looking ‘off’ or out of place but if Conosulli’s mock-up proves one thing it’s how much nicer Banshee looks without cover art in the tool bar ;)

Idea Banshee mockup