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the Lubuntu Desktop PPA has rewards for the brave

Lubuntu users wishing to test out some potential future additions to the lightweight distro should consider adding the Lubuntu Desktop PPA.

6 October 2010
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OpenShot bug suggests UI redesign

Popular Linux video editor OpenShot has many, many fans but despite its UI trying to remain as simple as possible it sometimes seems to work against the user rather than with them.

29 September 2010
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Dan Rabbit débuts ‘Noise Media Player’ Mock-up – world wants

Y’know how the Elementary team are toying with Rhythmbox right now? Well it might just end up looking like the slick puppy below… Elementary’s designer Dan Rabbit has moulded a ‘collection of ideas for a […]

28 September 2010
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Elementary styled GMusicBrowser anyone?

As wide in scope as the Elementary project has stretched in the last few years it is still one canon short of an arsenal -  it lacks a dedicated Elementary-styled media player. ~jdorenbush over on […]

20 September 2010
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Parallax & user-proximity controlled Ubuntu desktop demoed

Christian Giordano has posted a video mock-up of a motion-aware Ubuntu desktop today. The demo was created following internal discussions on how Ubuntu could make use of user-proximity based data in informing input on the […]

14 September 2010
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Interactive Unity mock-up

Unity may not even be officially released yet but already people are thinking about how it can improve for 11.04 and beyond. Take Michael Jonker’s awesome interactive Unity mock-up, as posted to the Ayatana mailing […]

13 September 2010
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Rhythmbox re-imagined Elementary style

German designer Jan stopped by the OMG! mail box today to share his mock-ups for an Elementary style Rhythmbox and Evolution. “Today I did some mockup images for Rhythmbox and Evolution (mail and calenderview) how […]

12 September 2010
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Generative Wallpaper idea proposes subtle evolution for your desktop background

Generative wallpapers were an interesting topic at the last Ubuntu Developers Summit in Belgium, but unfortunately the design team ran out of time to implement it in the furry Meerkat release this coming October. Community member Martin Owens shares some insight into what could have been, had time been on the design team's side. Go out on a whim and click the title OR the "continue reading" link to.. well.. continue reading. Bam!

3 September 2010
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Gorgeous Elementary Firefox skin is coming soon

Elementary fans longing for a Firefox theme to match do not have much long to wait. The skin is the work of a Thomas 'Seahorse Pip' and looks every bit as sumptuous as you'd expect.

1 September 2010
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C’mon Mozilla, show me my Firefox icon!

Firefox - why won't you adhere to my icon theme!? Small issues sometime grate the most and the following bug falls squarely into that category... Click through for the rest of the rant.

1 September 2010

This Ubuntu Sound Menu Concept Is Too Dang Cute

I don’t know what is left to say about the Ubuntu 10.10 Sound Menu that hasn’t already been said so far – it’s a menu, it’s new, most of you love it! This mockup by […]

31 August 2010
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BURG fan? Put your talents to work and help create this theme

Bored? Nothing better to do? Why not help out Manu Järvinen who mailed us a plea for help on turning his rather swish BURG theme idea into a boot loading beauty. “I am a designer […]

24 August 2010