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Ubuntu 17.10 Beta 2 Released, This Is What’s New

You can now download Ubuntu 17.10 Beta 2 to help preview and test all of the big changes shipping in Ubuntu 17.10 'Artful Aardvark',

28 September 2017
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Ubuntu Is Dropping 32-bit Desktop Images

You won't be able to download Ubuntu 17.10 32-bit desktop builds, as Ubuntu is dropping 32-bit builds of Ubuntu 17.10 desktop entirely.

27 September 2017
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Ubuntu Dock Now Supports Progress Bars and Badge Counts

Support for the Unity Launcher API has managed to squeak in to the Ubuntu Dock package on Ubuntu 17.10 before the user-interface freezes takes place.

25 September 2017

How To Enable Fractional Scaling in GNOME 3.26 on Ubuntu 17.10

Despite the best efforts of many fractional scaling wasn’t ready for the GNOME 3.26 release earlier this month. But those of you running GNOME on a HiDPI display need not despair as you can enable experimental […]

21 September 2017
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Ubuntu Dock Now Has Dynamic Transparency

Ubuntu devs have listened to our gripe on the jarring contrast between GNOME 3.26's transparent top bar and the Ubuntu Dock.

20 September 2017

This is the Ubuntu 17.10 Default Wallpaper

The Ubuntu 17.10 wallpaper has been revealed and it marks a major change from recent designs. Read on to see it, and download it for use on your desktop.

14 September 2017
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Meet the Ubuntu 17.10 GNOME Shell Theme

The Ubuntu 17.10 GNOME Shell theme is now available in the latest daily builds. We show you what it looks like using plenty of screenshots.

4 September 2017

Meet the Improved Ubuntu 17.10 Login Screen

As releases go, Ubuntu 17.10 is going be defined by the huge number of changes it makes — and that includes changes to the default login screen. Making a wholesale switch to GNOME for Ubuntu 17.10 […]

4 September 2017
Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Beta 1

Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Beta 1 Released

Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Beta 1 is now available to download alongside new betas of other Ubuntu flavours, including Xubuntu and Ubuntu Budgie.

31 August 2017
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Ubuntu 17.10 Will Use GNOME Shell 3.26

Most of us expected that Ubuntu 17.10 would manage to with GNOME Shell 3.26 on board — but it’s nice to hear it confirmed. A feature-freeze exception filed pending a package update last week has […]

30 August 2017
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Ubuntu Sees Sense, Will Support Indicator Applets in Ubuntu 17.10

Ubuntu 17.10 will have GNOME Shell indicator applet support by default. Hurrah for sanity! The results of the GNOME desktop user survey made it crystal clear that, alongside a visible desktop dock, Ubuntu uses want legacy system tray […]

23 August 2017
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Snap Apps Get Big Promo Push in Ubuntu 17.10

Ubuntu plans to highlight new Snap apps in the desktop Ubuntu Software app, but it seems they're going further than we initially imagined.

20 August 2017