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otis the aardvark from CBBC in front of an Ubuntu logo

The Artful Aardvark Needs You!

I don’t consider myself to be psychic and yet, somehow, miraculously, I happen to know what you’re going to be doing later. You’re going to help test the Ubuntu 17.10 daily builds on real hardware to […]

17 July 2017

Ubuntu 17.10 Makes It Easier to Use Bluetooth Speakers

Ubuntu will automatically switch sound output to Bluetooth when you connect a Bluetooth speaker or headset in Ubuntu 17.10, as this video demonstrates.

14 July 2017
the wayland display server logo

Ubuntu Devs Uncertain about Using Wayland by Default in 17.10

Ubuntu is undecided about whether to use Wayland as the default display server in Ubuntu 17.10 as the realities of Wayland support in the real world bite.

10 July 2017
ubuntu 17.10 development

Ubuntu 17.10 Might Automatically Mute Music When Taking VoIP Calls

Ubuntu may re-enable a nifty feature in PulseAudio that pauses or mutes music and video when an incoming VoIP call is received. This feature, which is provided by a PulseAudio plugin called Cork, has been disabled […]

5 July 2017
ubuntu budgie wallpaper contest logo

Ubuntu Budgie 17.10 Wallpaper Contest Is Open for Entries

Grab your camera, your best lens and head outside because the Ubuntu Budgie 17.10 Wallpaper Contest is now open for entries. Inspired by the Ubuntu wallpaper contests of old, Ubuntu Budgie is seeking out a […]

5 July 2017
ubuntu 17.10 development

Ubuntu Reveal Results of GNOME Desktop Survey

The Ubuntu desktop team has finally revealed the results of the recent GNOME desktop user survey. But if you were hoping to find some definitive decisions taken as a result of the results you’re in […]

13 June 2017
A question mark in a circle

Which GNOME Apps Should Ubuntu Include By Default? [Poll]

Should Ubuntu 17.10 ship with more GNOME apps by default? Planning for the next Ubuntu release is now underway, as is debate on the default app selection.

9 June 2017
ubuntu desktop regenerating

Ubuntu Is Not Dying, It’s Simply Regenerating

Seriously folks, the Ubuntu desktop is not dying. Like The Doctor in the BBC Sci-Fi series Doctor Who it's simply regenerating.

8 June 2017

GDM to Replace LightDM in Ubuntu 17.10

Ubuntu is switching to GDM as the default display manager for both Ubuntu 17.10 and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. GDM will replace LightDM and the Unity Greeter.

7 June 2017
Ubuntu 17.10 desktop screenshot

GNOME is now the Default Desktop in Ubuntu 17.10 Daily Builds

Smash the glass, sound the klaxon, and supply comfort blankets to those still mourning Unity — the Ubuntu 17.10 daily builds now use GNOME Shell by default.

7 June 2017

Ubuntu Works with GNOME to Improve HiDPI Support on Linux Desktop

I’m yet to experience Ubuntu or GNOME on a HiDPI screen, so I can’t attest to how well things currently work, but I do know that some big improvements are coming. Canonical is playing host […]

6 June 2017
ubuntu 17.10 development

Amazon Web App Is Sticking Around in Ubuntu 17.10

The Amazon web-app shortcut will still come preinstalled with Ubuntu 17.10, pinned to the GNOME Shell favourites bar, and it will use the default browser.

1 June 2017