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Latest Ubuntu 17.10 Update Ditches the Unity Desktop, Installs GNOME

And so it begins: the Unity desktop and related packages have been removed from the ‘seeds’ used to build Ubuntu 17.10. As previously announced, Ubuntu 17.10 will ship with GNOME Shell as the default desktop environment in place of […]

1 June 2017
ambiance gtk theme

Ubuntu Wants You To Help Test the Ubuntu Ambiance Theme in GNOME

Developers and Ubuntu enthusiasts are being encouraged to help test the improved version of the Ubuntu Ambiance theme. As revealed in our interview with the Ubuntu Desktop team, Ubuntu 17.10 won’t ship with a new desktop theme — well, not […]

24 May 2017
ubuntu desktop 17.10 survey

The Ubuntu Desktop Team Wants YOUR Feedback

The Ubuntu Desktop team is tasked with transitioning Ubuntu desktop over from Unity to GNOME — and they need your feedback to help them do it.

16 May 2017
ubuntu 17.10 development

Ubuntu Desktop Team Discuss Their Plans for GNOME in Ubuntu 17.10

Many are wondering what to expect from Ubuntu 17.10 when it's released later this year, so we caught up with the Ubuntu Desktop Team to find out.

16 May 2017
ubuntu 17.10

Ubuntu’s Default GTK Theme Now Looks Better with GNOME Shell

Ubuntu is working to improve the appearance of the Ubuntu Ambiance theme on GNOME Shell, adding window shadows, round corners and more.

9 May 2017
otis the aardvark from CBBC in front of an Ubuntu logo

Ubuntu 17.10 Daily Build Downloads Now Available

Ubuntu 17.10 daily build images are available to download.

26 April 2017
ubuntu 17.10

This is the Ubuntu 17.10 Release Date

The Ubuntu 17.10 release date is set for October 19, 2017. Ubuntu 17.10 will use the GNOME desktop instead of Unity, the first release to do so since 2011.

21 April 2017
otis the aardvark from CBBC in front of an Ubuntu logo

Ubuntu 17.10 Is Named ‘Artful Aardvark’

Still wondering what the Ubuntu 17.10 codename will be? Well, it seems we have our answer courtesy of Launchpad, home of Ubuntu development.

20 April 2017
the wayland display server logo

Ubuntu Plans To Switch to Wayland By Default

Ubuntu plans to ship Wayland in place of X.Org Server by default. Word of the display server¹ switch won’t surprise many. Mir, Canonical’s home-spun alternative to Wayland, had been billed as the future of Ubuntu’s convergence play. But […]

18 April 2017
otis the aardvark from CBBC in front of an Ubuntu logo

Is Ubuntu 17.10 Named ‘Acrobatic Aardvark’?

Spied in a mailing list post earlier this week, we may know the codename for Ubuntu 17.10. But then again, it might all be a bit of speculatory fun…

4 April 2017

First Hint at Ubuntu 17.10 Codename Revealed?

With Ubuntu 17.04 'Zesty Zapus' bringing us to the end of the alphabet, many in the Ubuntu community have wondered what the Ubuntu 17.10 name will be.

20 March 2017