Long for the familiar trappings of the ‘classic’ GNOME menus in Ubuntu Unity? With ClassicMenu Indicator you can have just that.

ClassicMenu Indicator is currently in alpha but it works pretty much as it should.

An ‘old school’ Ubuntu icon is displayed on the panel, in the notification area, and clicking on it reveals the menus previously held under the ‘Applications’ button in Ubuntu Classic.

Use case

I struggle to see the use-case for this indicator personally. I find hitting the ‘Super’ key then typing the name of the application I wish to open a more-than-awesome replacement for trudging through menus a la pre-Unity.

With that said there will be instances where this is useful. As a panel applet it is accessible at all times using your keyboard as well as your mouse, a definite boon for keyboard-navigators everywhere.


A .deb package for Ubuntu 11.04 is available to download from florian-diesch.de/software/classicmenu-indicator.

As with all .deb packages from third-party sources you install at your own risk.

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