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OMG! Replacement coloured indicator message alert icons for Lucid

With Ubuntu 10.04 adding a puke coloured new message alert to the indicator applet many of you will be seeking alternatives. Seek no more. The icons (right) come in all main Tango! colours as well […]

31 March 2010
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How to remove social network features from Lucid but keep the sound applet

Installed Lucid and now want rid of the social media integration stuff from the top panel but don’t want to lose the sound applet? Reader Enekk dropped the following quick solution into my e-mail inbox: […]

21 March 2010
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Applications in Ubuntu 10.04 Messaging Menu get Renamed

The Messaging Menu applet in Ubuntu 10.04 now refers to the default applications contained within using descriptive titles divided in sections rather than the application name. It’s believed that retitled the menu entries will better […]

6 March 2010
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Little Things That Matter: Rhythmbox Indicator Applet

The Rhythmbox indicator applet in Ubuntu 10.04 gained ‘now playing’ information in an update earlier today. As I waxed so lyrical about in my previous ‘Little things that matter’ post on the MessagingMenu in Lucid […]

4 March 2010