We posted a short article on a new Reddit indicator app for Linux at the start of the weekend.

That app, called Quick Reddit, is still in development and a little rough around the edges. It lets you quickly see the latest posts in a subreddit of your choice with a couple of clicks.

But what that applet doesn’t do is let you login with your Reddit account so that you can monitor your karma and get notifications of new inbox messages.

Furi-Kura is an indicator applet for Ubuntu that does precisely that,

The indicator is the work of Benjamin Dean, who shared a link to his app in the comments of the Quick Reddit post. Rather than leave that link loitering there I felt it was nifty enough to deserve some prime-time attention.

Furi Kura isn’t going to revolutionise your Reddit experience but its feature set is nimble enough to be worth checking out. It can display:

  • Unread inbox count
  • Notifications of new messages (with content on or off)
  • Karma count on panel or inside menu
  • Lets you set a refresh rate (1, 10, 30 mins or 1 hour)

I personally haven’t had a chance to give the app indicator a once-over myself — I’m writing this post in a cafe with pathcy WiFi — but from what I can see of it on its GitHub page it’d be a useful tool for the ardent Redditors amongst you (though judging by the savaging this site receives over there, I can’t imagine that are many of those reading this post ;)).

Benjamin says of his project: “Feel free to submit a pull request, report a bug, use some of my code to build your own indicator, complain about crappy implementation – whatever. This project is still under development. Karma indicators next to the icon may not work on all desktop environments and was tested on Unity only.”

You can find the source, and a link to a pre-compiled .deb installer, on the Github project page linked to below.

Visit Furi Kura on Github

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