Indicator KDE Connect 0.9.0
indicator KDE Connect 0.9.0

A new version of Indicator KDE Connect, the GTK+ friendly front end to the KDE Connect utility, is available to download.

Indicator KDE Connect 0.9.0 adds some small features that make the tool a little bit niftier to use.

Take the new mini-settings panel. This gives you handy toggles to show or hide untrusted or unpaired devices, and delete any synced Google Contacts (should you have okayed it).

You can access this settings palette at any time either by launching it from the Unity Dash (or another app launcher/menu) or by clicking the battery menu item in the Indicator KDE Connect applet.

This version of Indicator KDE Connect also lets you send files to multiple devices from your file manager, including Nautilus:

If you already have the main KDE Connect package(s) installed you can go ahead and download the latest stable release of Indicator KDE Connect below.

Download KDE Connect Indicator 0.9.0

If you don’t have KDE Connect set-up it’s not much hassle to do (so long as you don’t mind some KDE dependencies being pulled in). You’ll need three things: the KDE Connect engine, the indicator above, and the free KDE Connect Android app. 

If you’re running Ubuntu 17.04 you can install KDE Connect from Ubuntu Software:

Install KDE Connect from Ubuntu Software

If you’re running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS just follow the steps in one of our earlier articles.

Just remember for KDE Connect to work your Ubuntu PC or Laptop must be on the same network as your Android devices.

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