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Looking for a quick way to keep on top of your favourite Subreddit? 

Give the following nifty Reddit application indicator for Ubuntu a whirl.

A free, open-source python application, Quick Reddit is able to fetch and display a list of the latest ‘hot’, ‘top’, or ‘new’ posts in any subreddit you specify right from the Unity desktop panel.

The list helpfully tells you the current post score (‘upvotes’), and clicking on a title will open the thread in a new tab in your default web-browser.

A refresh option lets you choose when to update the list.

Get Quick Reddit for Ubuntu

This app is not going to change the way you use Reddit, neither is it trying to. It’s a simple way to keep an eye on your favourite subreddits without breaking your workflow to go to the website and check.

You’ll find more information about Quick Reddit on its Github page, along with the source you’ll need to download and build in order to run it (helpful hint: you’ll need python-praw and python-appindicator installed).

It’s not perfect: the dialog to specify a sub-reddit doesn’t always appear (you can set this one manually in the subreddit.txt file) and no indicator icon appeared for me.

But as a work in progress it’s well worth keeping an eye on, and if you’re a dab hand at Python do get involved over on the Github page.

Reddit App Indicator for Ubuntu on Github

Got a fave way to access Reddit on Ubuntu? Let us know about it!

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