plank desktop

Plenty of people use the desktop dock Plank on their Linux desktop — and for good reason.

Plank is a nimble, customisable desktop dock for Linux desktops.

It supports Unity quick lists, app badging (aka ‘unread counts’), and hover effects;  it supports a small set of of “dockets”, and lets you easily pin and rearrange dock items without needing to edit a config file.

It’s also very themeable.

3 Stylish Plank Themes

Github user Ken Harkey has uploaded a set of 3 Plank themes to the code-sharing side, and when I spotted them I couldn’t resist giving them a quick pimp n’ promo here:


Anti shade plank dock theme




paperterial dock theme

Download & Install Plank Themes

You can grab the three themes pictured above from Github:

Download Ken Harkey’s Plank Themes

Download the .zip to your home folder and extract it using your preferred tool. Enter the extracted folder and copy the three theme folders: ‘anti-shade‘, ‘shade‘, and ‘paperterial‘.

Go to your Home folder and press Ctrl + H to toggle on hidden folders. Click through to the directory .local/share/plank/themes and paste the folders you copied earlier in to this directory.


That’s it! Hurrah!  All that’s left is to try them out.

Right-click on an empty area of your Plank dock, select ‘Preferences’, and select the theme you want to use.


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