If you find yourself wishing your Ubuntu desktop had a splash more color do check out the two icon themes featured below.

Both have been recently updated and work well on the Unity, GNOME and Budgie desktops.

Uniform+ Icon Theme

Uniform Icon Theme Preview

The colourful, splodgey-shaped Uniform+ icon theme has received its first major update in nearly 4 months.

Uniform+ is an unofficial continuation of the Uniform icon theme created by deviant artists user ~0rAX0.

Though unofficial the Uniform+ theme is updated semi-regularly, and adds a glut of new app icons each time (as is the case here).

The latest update to Uniform+ — available to download from Yandex Drive — is said to add over 1,000 new icons, though there’s no specific list of which have been added.

Regardless, if you fancy giving it a whirl on your desktop you can download the pack as linked above. It is a fairly weighty 80MB (so don’t download over 3G) and you should pay attention to the issues listed on the GNOME-look.org page if you experience any randomly missing icons (it’s a permissions issue, apparently).

Abridged Icon Theme

abridged-icon-themeIf you’re a fan of the KDE Breeze icon set, and don’t fancy switching desktop environment to get its style, a new icon set may help bridge the gap.

It’s called Abridged and it is a direct fork of Breeze, forked as the designer wasn’t too keep on “the direction for mime types breeze has taken.”

The theme is light, and eschews the total flat look that many modern icon packs pursue.

Most major applications are covered, and the uniform folded-corner mime types are as cute as they are colourful.

You can download the latest version of Abridged from GNOME-Look.org or by hitting the button below:

Download Abridged Icon Theme (Dropbox Link)

Remember that to “install” an icon theme on Ubuntu you need to extract and move the theme folder to the hidden ~/.icons directory. To switch icon theme on Ubuntu you need to use a tool like Unity Tweak Tool, which is freely available to install from the Ubuntu Software app.

Download Themes Breeze Eye Candy icon theme uniform