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What’s coming in Compiz 0.9.2? BLING!

lots of new animations, masses of bug fixes & even a new physics engine - it's time for a sneak peek at Compiz 0.9.2

12 September 2010
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Compiz-Indicator applet gives you compositing control in a click

There's an indicator for everything - or so it seems. Compiz is the latest application to receive the indicator-applet-ization process, with this neato utility making compositing a cinch. Download, screenshots and obligatory info is just a click a way...

8 September 2010
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Bringing the bling back: Crazy custom compiz effect

Bored of your desktop bling? Want something new and jaw-dropping? A reader by the name of Larry might just have something for you...

7 September 2010
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Create the Mac OS X ‘Genie Effect’ in Compiz

Compiz and Docky users wanting to add the slick OS X style ‘genie’ minimizing effect to their arsenal of bling should sit up straight and pay attention. Whilst the default ‘magic lamp’ effect in Compiz […]

3 August 2010
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How to Install Compiz 0.9 in Ubuntu

The latest development release of Compiz – version 0.9 – was released earlier this month to much fanfare. The widely used compositing manager gained a major re-write in C++, added a new developer API, rendering […]

26 July 2010
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Compiz 0.9 Available; gains aero-snap like plug-in & total rewrite

Compiz 0.9 was released for testing earlier today and see the widely used compositing manager benefiting from a major re-service having been completely rewritten in C++. 0.9, an unstable branch of Compiz that will eventually […]

4 July 2010
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Workspace Window Placement Hack: Choose which apps open in which workspaces!

In response to my post on workspaces, several of you expressed a desire to have applications automatically open to a particular virtual desktop. Well this is not a hack that requires future dreams and hopes, […]

23 April 2010
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Workspaces: and How We Use Them.

Well hello OMG! readers! This is Tyler Brainerd, also known as Tyler James. Some of you may have read my comments here and there on OMG, and/or perhaps seen a few screenshots from my computer. […]

23 April 2010
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mind control support may be coming to compiz

Always feared that controlling Compiz with the power of thought alone was something only available for Jedi’s and Sylar from Heroes? Think again. (Bad pun. BAD pun.) Kristopher Ives over at is going to […]

5 April 2010
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How To Fix Video Tearing In Videos; Nvidia, Ubuntu

Screen-tearing is an issue for many Nvidia users on Ubuntu. Videos are plauaged by a visible ‘tear’ mid way through the screen during any moments of intense action or horizontal panning. Gamers find anything that […]

25 January 2010
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Re-enable Workspace Scrolling Using Your Mouse Scrollwheel

Annoyed that in Karmic you can no-longer switch between desktops using your mouse wheel? De-annoy yourself thanks to this easy fix. Open up CompizConfigSettingsManager Go to ‘Viewport Switcher’ Choose the ‘Desktop-based Viewport Switching’ tab Enable […]

18 November 2009