This news is likely to be irrelevant to many readers but, for a handful, very welcome.

Compiz’s (what is the possessive of ‘Compiz’? I want to say Compasses cos it sounds good) Sam Spilsbury – known to most on the internet under the handle of ‘smspillaz’ – along with some others has helped get a Compiz 0.9.x PPA for Ubuntu testers up and running.

If you’re wise you’re not already swimming with the Narwhal but, if for whatever reason you are you can finally sort out those compiz crank ups the last few days have brought and get prepped for some Compiz + Unity love a bit later along the line.

To test whack the following two lines into a Terminal.: –

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-desktop/ppa
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade


My horoscope* said I would cause communication failures today so I avoided going near telephone exchanges. Seems it meant the other kind of communication.

I intially reported that this was a PPA for Natty which was incorrect. To plagiarise Sam’s words,  here is how I arrived at the conclusion that this was/is/should/could/maybe be a PPA for Natty: –

"Didier, Travis and I got the various bits and pieces together for an Ubuntu Natty PPA for Compiz 0.9.x!"

The PPA is, in fact, for Maverick users  – as the very ace didrocks pointed out in the comments below – as the PPA doesn’t contain a single Natty package.

* See –

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