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[How To] Speed Up Ubuntu 12.10 Minimize Animation

Ubuntu 12.10 introduces a slower window minimising animation so that users have enough time to 'register' where their apps go to. If you're used to using Ubuntu and Unity, or have a serious case of impatience, you may find that it's too slow. But the good news is that you can adjust it - but you will need to get you hands dirty to do so...

22 October 2012
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So Long, Magic Lamp: Ubuntu 12.10 Reverts Unminimize Animation

Ubuntu developers have decided against the new 'un-minimise' animation present in Ubuntu 12.10, reverting it back to the original effect. The "magic lamp" effect for un-minimising windows was added to Ubuntu 12.10 in late August.

10 September 2012
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Precise Adds User Safeguards to Compiz App

New safeguards have been added to CCSM - the GUI tool for configuring Compiz - to limit damage caused by users unaware of the tools importance. When launching the app in Ubuntu 12.04 a pop-up box warning users of the potential risks from idly playing around with settings therein. The ability to disable the Unity desktop plugin from the main plugin overview in CCSM has also been removed.

15 February 2012

Should CCSM Be Purged from the Ubuntu Repos?

The headline to this article might sound inflammatory but it's a question currently being debated on the Ubuntu Desktop mailing list. Ubuntu's Jorge Castro makes the case for 'jettisoning' the tool from the the Ubuntu Universe repositories (i.e. removing it from the Ubuntu Software Centre).

26 January 2012

To Our Friend Sam

Sam Spilsbury has been the lead of Compiz for as long as I’ve paid attention to it. His blog is one that I follow closely to get a bit of insight into the project. Normally […]

28 December 2011
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Brave Compiz Pre-release Testers Wanted!

We're looking for a few brave souls to break their computers...

17 August 2011
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Ubuntu 11.10’s New Look Alt+Tab [Video]

The new look Alt+Tab switcher present in the Ubuntu 11.10 development releases was touched on by Jorge and Ahmed in their weekly ‘Unity Development Update‘ post. If you’re sensible enough to be waiting until October […]

27 July 2011
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How To Add an ‘Expose’ Button to Unity Launcher

Want to add an 'expose' style button to the Unity Launcher to quickly find the application window you're looking for? Read on...

27 July 2011
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Help Compiz rockstar Sam Spilsbury squash the annoying invisible window bug…

In spite of best efforts, a weird bug in compiz causing windows to 'become invisible' is still haunting the users. Here is how you can help fix it.

5 June 2011
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‘Dialog sheets’ coming to Ubuntu 11.10

OS X uses them, GNOME 3 uses them, and for the Oneiric Ocelot so will Ubuntu. What am I talking about? These....

10 May 2011
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Get your Compiz cube back on with Unity in Ubuntu 11.04

I think it is fair to say that the Desktop Cube has been one of Linux's iconic features. The cube provided both an easy way to visualise workspaces as well as a nice bit of eye-candy when using it.

11 April 2011
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The little things that matter: Unity’s new grid animations

I'm a sucker for detail. In yesterdays update to Ubuntu 11.04's Unity interface the Grid plugin (read 'aero snap') for Compiz added some animated 'effects' when being invoked. Read on to see them in action and why I think they're more than just simple 'bling'...

8 April 2011