Compiz and Docky users wanting to add the slick OS X style ‘genie’ minimizing effect to their arsenal of bling should sit up straight and pay attention.

Whilst the default ‘magic lamp’ effect in Compiz is okay, it doesn’t feel anywhere near as slick as its Macintosh counterpart. Previously users could achieve a similar the window-sucking effect by users getting down and dirty with a hex editor and hack around in various files.

Now, thanks to the work of a dude called Plácido, it is as easy as downloading a file, and, well, running it!

He stopped by the OMG! inbox with details of his nifty tool earlier, telling us:

“I think it´s a bit difficult to make those changes with the hex editor and all that. So I created a simple little program in C language to make it really easy to make those changes and have the MacOS like effect when minimizing with compiz and the magic lamp effect.”ť


You’ll find the full details in Spanish on his blog. You can view a hodge-podge Google translated version here.

If you’re still left scratching you’re head here’s what to do: –

  • Download this file
  • Right click on it and choose ‘properties > permissions’ and allow it to ‘execute’ as a  programme by checking the relevant box
  • Now open a terminal and enter: –
    • sudo ./genie_compiz
  • Open up CompizConfig Settings and proceed to edit the ‘MagicLamp’ effect values as per the screenshots on Placidio’s blog.
  • Restart Compiz via the terminal using: –
    • compiz –replace &
Thanks to Plácido
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