The compiz developers have detailed many of the new features, plugins and effects users can expect to find in the 0.9.2 release, due to land sometime in the not-so-distant future.

New Animations

The post reports on a selection of new animation effects created by Jay Catherwood.

“Many of them are based on a new framework, which will allow a whole bunch of similar animations (which draw the window a number of times in different positions on every pass).”

Some of the new animations in action

Able users wanting these extensions now can find them in the following git repositories : –

More new features

There are plenty more that’s new in Compiz 0.9.2:

  • Scale layout results in windows being ‘positioned proportionately to their original position on screen’ when using the scale plugin.
  • Reflective Surfaces Allows docks to specify a “reflective surface” region, for compiz to paint a reflection of the desktop scene on.
  • Vignetting Renders a “vignette” of window brightness around the edges of windows, rather than dimming the window continuously
  • Drunken Demonstration plugin to create a “drunken” effect
  • Trip Demonstration plugin to create a simulated hallucinogenic effect
  • Sound uses GStreamer to play sounds on window events
  • Minimized Window Previews
  • GLSL, Physics and FBO Frameworks, including a new physics engine based on bullet
New physics engine based on Bullet
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