The latest development release of Compiz – version 0.9 – was released earlier this month to much fanfare.

The widely used compositing manager gained a major re-write in C++, added a new developer API, rendering was split into plug-ins and the build system now used is cmake.

It’s this last bit which seems to have thrown many users wishing to install this testing release on their Ubuntu boxes. CMake certainly comes across as a different kettle of fish to those users versed only in the traditional ‘./configure, make, sudo make install’.

Thankfully, friends, the ace Kristopher Ives over @ – who’s nifty Imgur uploading app we’ve featured before – has bullied out a concise and straight-forward “how-to” for Ubuntu users wishing to install Compiz 0.9 – warts and all.

Check it out at the link below but please be aware that installing this development release is not advised for casual users or those unable to deal with any frell ups incurred as a result.

How To compiz