Another day and another Indicator-applet – this time one for compiz, everyone’s favourite compositing and effects manager.

Created by OrphanShadow – better known to OMG! Ubuntu! readers as the author of the Fortune BURG theme – the indicator offers up many of the familiar options afforded by the ‘fusion-icon’ tray application, but neatly wrapped up amongst the pixels of a conforming indicator applet.

“The app allows you to control the seperate elements of your Window manager and Decorators, all from your Indicator tray in ubuntu.”


The indicator is available for download over @ where further installation details are offered.


Installation is about as simple as something involving a script can get. Extract the downloaded archive somewhere accessible and run the ‘./’ script from the terminal,  granting it permissions before doing so.

chmod +x

Fan of indicator applets? So are we.

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