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Wayfire Brings Compiz Bling Back to the Linux Desktop

Wayfire is a open-source Wayland compositor designed to be showy. It recreates some of the best Compiz window animations and effects.

20 June 2019
Wobbly Windows in Compiz

Wobbly Windows Are Making a Comeback

Wobbly windows and other animated desktop effects could return to Ubuntu thanks to the 'libanimation' project created by a former Compiz developer.

13 September 2018
low graphics mode unity 7

Unity 7 To Get an Easy Way to Enable Low Graphics Mode

A more accessible way to enable low graphics mode on Unity 7 may be on the way. The desktop already supports a low graphics mode of sorts, which can be enabled via Compiz. But this is far a) not easy […]

27 April 2017

Man, I Used To Think My Ubuntu Desktop Looked So Cool…

It is crazy how fast — and how drastically — tastes change.  The desktop screencast in the video player aboves my Ubuntu 8.10 desktop as it looked back in 2008, in all its gaudy, over-glossed glory. AWN? Check. Screenlets? […]

12 January 2017

How to Enable Low Graphics Mode on Ubuntu (Updated)

We show you how you can enable Unity 7's low-graphics mode on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and above, and benefit from a faster, leaner desktop as a result.

17 November 2016

Unity 7 Low Graphics Mode Is Super Fast [Video]

Curious to know more about Unity low graphics mode in Ubuntu? Canonical has explained more.  We first reported that Unity 7 was getting low graphics mode back in July. Since then, the feature rolled out as part of […]

17 November 2016
Unity 7 in log graphics mode

The Unity Desktop Improves Low Graphics Mode

Compiz updates aimed at improving the performance of Unity in low-graphics mode are coming to 16.04 LTS.

15 July 2016
ubuntu 16.04 lts desktop screenshot

A Fix For Black Corners Around CSD Windows in Ubuntu?

Window borders for apps using Client Side Decorations will soon look much better on Ubuntu. Code implementing window corner radius support is finally headed to Unity. If merged, the fix will solve the black corner issue affecting the appearance of every […]

8 March 2016
unity desktop tile

Compiz Fix To Bring Better Gaming Performance to Ubuntu

An update to Compiz that improves gaming performance is on its way to Ubuntu. Compiz, currently in preparation, enables a small feature that improves full-screen OpenGL gaming performance in Unity.

28 November 2012

[How To] Speed Up Ubuntu 12.10 Minimize Animation

Ubuntu 12.10 introduces a slower window minimising animation so that users have enough time to 'register' where their apps go to. If you're used to using Ubuntu and Unity, or have a serious case of impatience, you may find that it's too slow. But the good news is that you can adjust it - but you will need to get you hands dirty to do so...

22 October 2012
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So Long, Magic Lamp: Ubuntu 12.10 Reverts Unminimize Animation

Ubuntu developers have decided against the new 'un-minimise' animation present in Ubuntu 12.10, reverting it back to the original effect. The "magic lamp" effect for un-minimising windows was added to Ubuntu 12.10 in late August.

10 September 2012
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Precise Adds User Safeguards to Compiz App

New safeguards have been added to CCSM - the GUI tool for configuring Compiz - to limit damage caused by users unaware of the tools importance. When launching the app in Ubuntu 12.04 a pop-up box warning users of the potential risks from idly playing around with settings therein. The ability to disable the Unity desktop plugin from the main plugin overview in CCSM has also been removed.

15 February 2012