Bored of your desktop bling? Want something new and jaw-dropping? A reader by the name of Larry might just have something for you…

My position

Before I get into the 5 W’s let me explain where I am (was?) at regarding desktop bling. Like most people my first few months with Ubuntu were a full on orgy of wobbly windows, paper-aeroplane folding window effects and ever-changing emerald themes. The bling had bitten me.

Several years on and I barely use any of those: Wobbly windows got on my nerves, too many opening/closing effects threatened to stir my dormant motion sickness & that cube? Way too much hassle when trying to find an errant Empathy window.

With all of that in situe, Compiz is, still, my compositing manager. I use a tweaked ‘genie’ effect for minimizing, a feathery fade for the opening and closing applications and I couldn’t live with out my hot-corners.

The bling is back.

Maybe I just got bored – maxed out to the nines by the default options and forays into custom settings turning out ‘WTF!’ rather than ‘OMG!’

So when a reader by the name of Larry stopped by the OMG! Inbox! with nothing more than a mail full of Compiz settings and a ‘see for yourself’ statement that just dared to be succumbed to, a moment of weakness wangled its way through me and now the bling is back.

The Settings

Open up CompizConfiz Settings Manager and proceed to set the values for both opening and closing windows to the following: –

Glide 1, 1740 (type = Menu | PopupMenu | DropdownMenu)

Glide 1, 1740 (type = Normal | Dialog | ModalDialog | Unknown) &! (name=gnome-screensaver)

Fade, 150 (type = Tooltip | Notification | Utility) &! (title=notify-osd)

Larry continues: –

Go back into the main menu of the compiz settings manager and at the bottom of the left hand panel choose ‘Advanced Search’.

You should be presented with a window listing all the plugins. Select ‘Animations’, then ‘Effect Settings’ then ‘Glide 1’.

Change the Away Position to around -1.300.

Change the Away Angle to around 353.000, leave the ‘zoom to taskbar’ unticked.

Give it a name

I feel that these settings deserve a name – so readers: what would you christen it? Jedi windows? Slinky? Deck of cards?

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