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How to Install Android Apps on Ubuntu using ARChon (Updated)

Google recently announced the first set of Android apps available to run natively on Chrome OS, a feat made possible using a new 'Android Runtime' extension.

19 September 2014

Aura-Powered Chrome Brings Notification Centre, Google Now to Linux

Google has today released the first stable version of Chrome for Linux to use Aura, the search giant’s in-house graphics stack.

20 May 2014

Latest Chrome Release Fixes Ubuntu 13.04 Install Issue

The latest stable release of Google Chrome fixes an issue that prevented it being installed on Ubuntu 13.04.

22 May 2013

Add The New Google Keep App to Unity

This article will show you how to add Google's new Keep to Unity's launcher so that it runs free of Chrome and shows its own application icon.

3 May 2013
Chromium daily build

[How To] Install Daily builds of Chrome in Ubuntu

Accessing daily builds of Google's Chrome browser in Ubuntu is a bit of a fuss compared to that on Windows and Mac. Users of those platforms can install the Chrome Canary builds - a sort of pseudo-daily build that offers the latest bleeding edge features, but running insulated from any other version of Chrome installed. In Ubuntu things are less clear cut.

28 December 2012
Native Ubuntu Notifications for Chrome in Ubuntu 12.04

[How To] Make Chrome Use Native Notifications in Linux

If you use any web-apps or websites in Chrome that provide notification pop-ups on your desktop then you'll know how out of place they look in Ubuntu. But all it takes to enable native notifications is one extension. Read on for more.

16 May 2012

Chromium or Google Chrome: Which Do You Use? [Poll]

Reader David G mailed in to see we'd be interested in running a poll to see which 'brand' of Chrome Linux users prefer to use - either Google's Flash-plugin packing Google Chrome or the open-source, ready-in-the-repos Chromium. Given that our visitor stats don't distinguish between Chromium (both are grouped together as 'Chrome')I thought this would, indeed, be rather interesting to see. So, Sunday poll time: Do you use Chromium or Google Chrome? Let us know by voting in the poll inside.

26 February 2012
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Adobe Abandons Flash on Linux

Adobe will no longer provide new releases of Flash Player for Linux after version 11.2, the company has today announced. Google will, instead, take over the implementation of Flash Player via a new plugin API […]

22 February 2012
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Thanks Microsoft! Play ‘Cut The Rope’ in Chrome, Firefox

Microsoft and game developers zeptolab unveiled a browser-based version of the cult (and cute) mobile game 'Cut The Rope' during this weeks CES event in Las Vegas. The team-up is designed to show off Internet Explorer 9's "awesome" Javascript and HTML5 capabilities. As Microsoft choose to see the game crafted to open standards you don't actually have to use IE to play the game it. Oh no. Cut The Rope works just as well in Google Chrome, Chromium, Firefox... etc on Ubuntu.

10 January 2012
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Firefox 11 Alpha to Land December 20th; Will Bring Speed-Dial, Chrome Migration

The first alpha release of Firefox 11 has been set for December 20th. Arriving just in time for xmas, the alpha release could see the debut of a number of goodies scheduled to ship in […]

15 November 2011
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[How to] Switch To Dev Versions of Popular Browsers In Ubuntu

We all want the latest features in our favourite apps as soon as possible, and some of us are willing to accept bugs, breakage and general beta-quality experience in order to get them sooner. So, how to switch to a development version of your favourite web browser in Ubuntu? Read on...

29 August 2011
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Chrome Now Second Most Popular Browser in UK, Same for UK Linux Users?

With todays news that Google's Chrome web browser has overtaken Firefox as the second most used web-browser in the UK I turned to OMG! Ubuntu!'s visitor stats for UK Linux users to see if, here at least, that trend is also reflected.

1 August 2011