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How to enable web apps in Google Chrome on Ubuntu

With Google gearing up to launch the Chrome Web Store December 7th now is the perfect time to get a sneak preview of how webapps are going to look in Chrome.

5 December 2010
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Use Chrome’s auto-updated Flash in Firefox

Thanks to a partnership between Google and Adobe Google's Chrome browser ships with a built-in version of Flash that is more recent than that available to download individually. Here's how to use it in Firefox.

29 November 2010
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Get Chromium on Ubuntu To Play mp4, H.264, MP3 & view PDF files natively

Google ChromeOS will do many wonderful things – the free and open-source version ‘Chromium OS’ sadly won’t. Many of these ‘features’ can, given the nature of what Chrome/iumOS is, be enabled easily in both – […]

21 November 2010
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Download the default ChromeOS wallpaper and view the default screensaver

Who wants a bit of ChromeOS default art to brighten their day? You? Click on in.

18 November 2010
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Enable ‘Instant’ site loading in Chromium daily build

The Chromium daily builds on Linux now offer up the option to instantly load websites as your enter the address in the URL bar.

26 October 2010
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This Chrome extension can force all websites to use the Ubuntu font

Love the new Ubuntu font so much that you want every website to use it? Say hello to the following plucky Chrome extension which offers to do just that

17 October 2010
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Ohso Quicklaunch Chrome/ium web app

If you’re using a recent-ish version of Google Chrome or Chromium then you have support for ‘web apps’. These are, essentially, ‘pinned’ webpages sans toolbars, but can also be all sorts of custom applications that perform different functions. Thanks to the hard work of Nicolas Leperlier, we now have an Ohso Quick-Launcher type Chrome App!

21 September 2010
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Making Chrome look native in Kubuntu

Afro over on our sister site OMG! SuSE! just posted a neat little guide on getting web browsers Google Chrome & Opera to look all neat and tidy within the KDE desktop. Since the tips […]

13 September 2010

Chrome/ium themes for the new look Light themes in Ubuntu 10.10

The Ubuntu light themes have been updated … andnow your Chrome theme looks a tad off colour. No worries;  you can quickly fix the issue thanks to these two plucky people! Ambiance Easily the more popular […]

30 August 2010
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Chromium’s restyled ‘new tab’ page is minimal win

With so many visually important Ubuntu updates landing today it was nice to find something else non-Ubuntu related amongst them. Users of the Chromium Daily Builds may (or may not have depending on level of observation!) […]

27 August 2010
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Finally – A Chrome theme for Elegant GNOME!

Chrome/ium fans using the Elegant GNOME theme/script pack we featured yesterday can rejoice! A very ace dude by the name of JurgenWagen has created an Elegant-matching Chrome/ium theme that is just the thing for those […]

25 August 2010
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Chrome Webstore icon appears in Daily build

After updating the Chromium daily build today I found a shiny new icon sat in my new tab app’s bar – a link to the official Chrome webstore! The Chrome webstore cometh!?! Well, not just […]

21 July 2010