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Bookmark Sync Now In Google Chrome

Bookmark Sync in Chromium landed a few days ago and today sees the turn of Google Chrome Unstable gaining this feature with the latest dev channel update. As with Chromium you simply need to add […]

17 November 2009
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5 New Chrome Extensions Worth Trying – Twitter, Google Tasks, YouTube enhancer & more

It’s been a while since my last pick of the best Chrome extensions and to celebrate Chromium finally supporting extension “tool tips” here are 5 new “toolbar” extensions to enjoy! Google Tasks Manage your to-do’s […]

7 November 2009
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15 Useful Extensions For Google Chrome: Adblockers, flashblockers, session savers, mail notifiers, delicious, etc

Further to my previous post on “Why Google Chrome Should Be Your Default Browser“, I thought i’d post a boring-yet-useful list of 15 Chrome extensions that make an already awesome browser even more awesome… er. […]

8 October 2009
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Google Chrome Artist’s Themes Work With Linux Chrome (Sadly does Include the totally pointless Mariah Carey Theme!)

Google officially released a collection of 100 “Artists Themes for Chrome” today – a bunch of not entirely successful skins for Google Chrome designed by some of the worlds “best artists”, including Jeff Koons, Jenny Holzer, […]

5 October 2009
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Install 64bit Google Chrome With Flash And Extensions

Google are now offering a native 64bit version of their Google Chrome browser that no longer relies on ia32-libs. Download link: Enable Flash To enable flash you will need to add –enable-plugins to your shortcut […]

19 August 2009
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My Top 3 Chrome Extensions

Below are my top 3 Chrome/Chromium extensions. All are .crx files, meaning one click install, and need the most up-to-date dev version of Chrome/Chromium and require that --enable-extensions is added to the launcher. Download links are provided.

5 August 2009
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Chrome Themes

Google have launched the official Google Chrome themes channel allowing for one click customisation of the super-fast open source browser.   Google Chrome (and by extension Chromium) both support themes on Linux. (You may need […]

5 August 2009
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Preview Chrome/Chromium’s New Tab Page

Chromium (Google Chrome’s test-bed version) is now sporting a new tab page with a rearranged look and a hint at extras to come later! Removing tabs is a simple ‘hover over, choose ‘x’) affair; you […]

24 June 2009
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Google release Chrome Developer Preview

Google have released the first official ‘Google Chrome’ for Linux! Woo! Etc! In all honesty, there is very little that distinguishes this official build from the regular Chromium builds that are released almost daily, bar […]

5 June 2009
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Chromium Updates: Gains Options Dialog & Import Bookmarks

The latest build of Chromium (16060) bring with it an options dialog and a bookmarks importer! Several other updates over the last week have improved adding bookmarks: Article originally appeared on

14 May 2009
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Chromium Breaks Free

Google’s Chromium browser has broken free from it’s terminal, grabbed some GTK colours for it’s tab bar and continues to make big strides towards it’s first Alpha release. The current build (at the time of […]

13 May 2009
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Google Chromium – GTK Tab Bar Implemented

In the latest daily build of Google’s Chromium browser, the familiar ‘Windows XP’ style tab bar was replaced with something less ‘polished’ that may be the first steps towards implementing full GTK themeing for the […]

9 May 2009