The latest Android-bound icon set from designer Nicklas Hirsch has caught a lot of attention recently – but not only from Android users.

Called ‘Scrambble’, the Android icon set uses the increasingly familiar ‘square’ icon format (a la Faenza) to great effect: the tilted, half-hidden application icons give the icons a visual kick, and addition of in-icon app labels further adds to this uniqueness.

scrambble icon set

Admittedly icons with text in can make for poor viewing in menus. But menus are old school: both Unity and GNOME Shell make use of application ‘drawers’ and overlays. This approach has put icons cent-restage in the desktop – and great design has never been more crucial.

Since catching glimpse of the icon set earlier today I can’t help but think they’d work wonderfully with Unity.

Here’s hoping a creative soul ports them over for use in Ubuntu.

XDA Developers via Guus via the Tip Form

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