If I said consumers were likely to over-dose on tablets this year it might sound tasteless.

But with this years CES (Consumer Electronics Show) literally shoving them down users throats every-which-way, 2011 could be the year many of us end up in need of a respite IV… 

Augen adds another…

Rivalling the iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Motorola Xoom and, well, pick one of the 100’s of tablets also available here, comes Augen’s ‘GenTouch Dolce’ – a 1GHz, 10.1 inch tablet that will dual boot Android 2.2 with Ubuntu.

In an oh-so ‘original’ move (I.e. just like every other tablet manufacturer) a keyboard dock sporting 160GB hard drive and built-in battery will also be available for the Dolce tablet.

The sweetner to this other bitterly-familiar pill is the price. Sort of.

The entire get-up, Tablet plus docking station, will shave $569 from your bank balance, whilst the tablet section alone will nick just $369.

Via Engadget

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