‘Android Notifier’ is a super useful app for Ubuntu users tool: once installed on your phone and your Ubuntu desktop you can leave your Android cell downstairs, behind the sofa or in your bag and still be alerted to texts, calls and other notifications.

It’s the sort of application that was made for me, largely because it means I don’t need to feel so guilty about always forgetting to take my phone with me when I move around the house.

But as great as it is it could be even better if it gained some closer ties with Ubuntu, namely by using the Ubuntu Messaging Menu.

Messaging Menu integration for alert logging

This is the main thrust of my ‘want’ list; A lot of the time I leave my phone and my desktop when I nip away to make some coffee or hide from the postman. If a notification is ‘sent’ whilst I’m doing this then, put simply, I’m unaware of it until I check my phone – which could be ages.

This is foolish when the Ubuntu Messaging Menu is sat there fully capable of ‘storing’ notifications until you ‘acknowledge’ them. I made a very quick mock-up to demonstrate what I mean: –

Android Notifier using the MeMenu

What would you like to see the application add?

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