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We updated our Android application yesterday with a few fixes and new features that some of you have been requesting.

Since we re-launched our Android app earlier this year reaction has been fantastic – and not just from those who liked it, but also from those who felt it could be better. Many of those in Camp Latter have been super helpful, offering constructive criticism, and pointers for improvements and fixes.

One feature many of you repeatedly asked for was a slide-in side-bar. So we’ve added one using the awesome open-source SlidingMenu library. Just slide your finger/thumb from the left of the screen to the right, and the sidebar appears.

We’ve also swapped out our network backend to use a new library that addresses some of the shortcomings in Android’s own simplified network library. Sounds boring, but it means that our app now sucks on less battery juice as a result. Which is a result. Result!

Also in the “you asked, we give” category is an optional article list view with (much) larger thumbnails.

Changelog in Full


  • Optional list view with bigger thumbnails
  • Slide-in sidebar
  • Article list cards now have rounded corners
  • New network backend


  • Links in comments now open in browser
  • Fixed reloading quirk
  • Browser prompt now remembers choice


OMG! Ubuntu! for Android is free, ad-free, and nice to look at it. Grab it from the Google Play store using the link below. Works on Android 2.3 or higher.

OMG! Ubuntu! Android App

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