The new default wallpaper of Ubuntu 13.10 has been revealed in a merge request. 

As the first thing that greets users, both newcomers and upgraders alike, the choice of background in Ubuntu has a tough job to do. It has to be good-looking and appealing but also easily identifiable and tie into Ubuntu’s overall design.

It’s why each release sees a similar, but never identical, design. Iterative changes rather than dramatic overall is the mandate, and the latest entry in the growing gallery of default wallpapers certainly plays to this: it follows the same ‘smudge’ design as the last couple of wallpapers.


The updated design will join 18 other new wallpapers in Ubuntu 13.10.

You can download a hi-res version of the background by tapping the link below:

Download Ubuntu 13.10 Wallpaper

If you’re keen to take a wander down memory lane you can look back at all of Ubuntu’s default wallpapers:

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