Xubuntu Wallpaper Entry
One of six winners: ‘Bubbles’ by Francisco Villarroel

Xubuntu has revealed the winning community wallpapers that will ship in its upcoming 14.04 release. 

From a pool over of over eighty submission only six have been selected to ship on the distribution’s installation images.

The competition kicked off in November 2013 and invited anyone with a passion for photography or flair for illustration to take part.

Xubuntu’s artwork team said at the time that they were aiming to collate a ‘multifaceted set of wallpapers’ – a goal that has been met by the choice of winning compositions.

Entries were judged by Xubuntu’s Pasi Lallinaho, Elizabeth Krumbach and Simon Steinbeiss. 

As with all of the community wallpapers shipping in Ubuntu’s siblings, this batch of pixel-perfect picks will be  packaged up and made available for users on other Ubuntu 14.04 flavours to install.

In the meantime you can check out each of the winning drapes, read about the reasoning behind each selection, and grab hi-res downloads for your desktop over on the Xubuntu blog.

Xubuntu 14.04 Wallpaper Winners

H/t Rikki Endsley 
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