You’re looking at the newly updated default wallpaper for Xubuntu 14.04 LTS — and it’s a thing of beauty, no?

Xubuntu’s wallpaper tends to go all-in on blue gradient with only small circular accents to break it up. This gives an imposing and dark first impression to an otherwise light and nimble desktop — a juxtaposition I’ve always found a tad strange.

The new design is far lighter than either of the four preceding default drapes. It introduces a lighter, less broody blue and backs it up with a splash of the origami-inspired ‘Suru’ design used in regular Ubuntu’s new wallpaper.

But the star of the show is far and away the gorgeous geometrically layered Xfce mouse logo in the centre. Some may baulk at the mascot of a desktop environment being used front and centre, but it really works here.

Anyone savvy enough to be using Xubuntu is unlikely to be ‘confused’ by it, nor be put off because of it.

You can see a gallery of Xubuntu’s previous defaults below.

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